Friday, July 5, 2013

A letter to a long lost friend

My dear friend,

How are you? I really would love to know. It's been so long since we talked and laughed together. We got along quite well if you recall. I enjoyed your company, your humour, your friendship. But something went wrong somewhere, and a lot of water has flowed downriver since then.

When we were friends all those years ago, we were both very different people than we are now. Younger, of course. More foolish, certainly. Our lives and our levels of wisdom have changed. We can't go back and undo what was said and done, but I'd like to think that we could move beyond those things to a new form of friendship, better than the old.

Of course, I don't know what you are feeling. But I want to you to know that I am open, and willing, to pick up the pieces, and perhaps talk and laugh together another day... if you are willing and/or able.

This invitation stands, because all I can do is invite. I think of you often, and I wish you a happy birthday today.

Your friend, always,


My friend is a brilliant man who thinks deeply and speaks eloquently. He has a wide heart and a terrific sense of humour. We were close friends once, but now he is far away. I still miss him, but have no way to connect with him. Our friendship is an unfinished symphony from my point of view.

Today --- It seems that lapsed friendships are a universal theme -- I've been noticing that this post (now my most popular) is being viewed many times by people from all over the world. I'd love to know what brings you here, or hear a story about your long lost friend, if you don't mind leaving a comment below... thanks!

Maria K.


  1. Hi Maria - I stumbled upon this message after trying to find a good way to open lines of communication with a friend. We used to be inseparable, but over time (and now great distance) we just started to talk less and less. We shared such good memories during high school and college. I need to let him know that I still think of him and miss our friendship.

    1. Best wishes for a good reconnection with your friend!

  2. Hello Maria - how did you manage to put out this message on-line? I would like to know in order to do the same in the hope of reaching a dear and long lost friend, whose address I no longer know - either land or e-mail - yet perhaps if I put out a message like this lovely message you put out in October 2014, my friend might see it. If nothing else, I would like her to know that I wish her well, have always wished her well, and think of her every day. From Nigel

    1. Hi, Nigel -- it's so difficult when you don't know where your friend might be. But if your name is on social media, perhaps you can leave a message for her there in case she looks you up someday. It's kind of like putting a message in a bottle, hoping it will fall into the right hands, and in some cases, it's the best we can do. I hope my friend has read this message, because I still wish him all the best, too. But I'll never know...
      I wish you luck!


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